Who we are

Hecorat is a mobile company making web and apps for customers.
We are also working as an outsourcing company for billion dollar companies
in Europe in the area of video streaming and mobile security.

AZ Screen Recorder app

AZ Screen Recorder

The leading mobile screen recording app on Google Play with tens of millions of installs and a rating of 4.6/5. For more information, visit AZ Screen Recorder homepage. For the privacy policy of AZ Screen Recorder, click here

Acapella Maker - Video Collage app

Acapella Maker

A video collage app that lets users record acapella singing videos. Installed by 1 million users in less than 6 months on Google Play.

AZ Camera app

AZ Camera

A professional camera app that let users take raw photos and control focus, white balance, exposure and ISO manually. This app was featured on Google Play.


Surveillance App

A security app to view live streams and playback from surveillance camera. This app was made for our client on both Android and iOS platforms.

Contact us

For business enquiry, please send us an email to contact(at)hecorat.net.